About Me

I'm a crazy busy mom to the funky bunch (my four teenagers)! I live in Navarre, Florida and started out making cookies using my grandpa's old Kitchen Aid mixer back in 2010 as a side hustle to bring in extra income. I was an underpaid public school teacher and part time graduate professor struggling to make ends meet dealing with lots of money and marriage stress because of our financial problems. I'm so grateful for that season of my life because it taught me about the importance of follow through, dreaming big, and GRIT! After a couple of years, I decided to use the entrepreneur skills I learned from my cookie business as a springboard to help start my own health and wellness business!!!! I know it seems crazy to go to the other end of the spectrum but because of that decision but it led me to being able to have the time, finances, and freedom to open up our Dawn's Cookie Cottage down here in our little beach town and online business!! We can't wait to gather, give back, and glorify God at a greater level when our store opens up in July 2022. All the glory to God!

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